Stones for gardens Paths and accessories in natural stone

Garden paths

Your garden is an oasis of peace and the natural stone harmoniously merge into the environment, with an added touch of high-class style in harmony with nature.

The technical features of the covering must be harmoniously integrated with the context of the house and its external parts.

Giant and super-giant slates with natural worktop may be used to define paths surrounded by the grass, while cobblestones of all shapes decorate the non-cultivated areas.

The different natural products (Porphyry, tufa stone, gravel, wood, etc.) and the available colours and shapes may be used to define the borders of your garden in a fully customized way: from flower beads to borders, small walls in stones, paths, floors and covering around swimming pools. The right choice for the elegant and precious flower boxes and fountains, with different shapes and volumes.

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Pietre naturali per giardini: vialetto in pietra naturale
Giardino con vialetto in porfido
Lampada in pietra per giardino